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Many children and young adults in the U.S. attend weight loss camp and fat camp over the summer. The goal of these programs is simple: lose weight and become educated on body fat and low fat diet programs while having fun. Most campers report weight loss resulting from a healthier diet, smaller portion sizes, and increased activity and have a positive experience at the fat loss program. However, what differentiates quality weight loss overnight summer camp from less effective weight loss camp is not only the facilities, food and staff, but whether the camp experience leads to long-term behavioral change. When a child is in a controlled environment for even a month or two, short-term weight loss is the easy part. Without true behavioral change, the weight will come right back in the fall.

This is why effective fat camp summer camps organize their weight loss program around changing behavior over the long term. Sports, activities, diet and other special need camp are all part of an overall clinical design to teach new behaviors and habits. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is likely a core element of the clinical program. And because it is unlikely that a child's behavior will change completely over the course of a summer, let alone one month in the summer, weight loss and fat camp should provide follow-up or after-care programs, checking in with campers and their families. These special need camp programs even involve families towards the end of the camp experience in an attempt to change the environment to which the child is returning.

Our expert summer camp consultants will advice you and your children what teen summer camp and overweight summer program is best. For free summer camp or special needs camp information on weight loss and fat loss please contact us.




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